Leica M11 Reivented


LEICA M11Leica M11 combines the unique experience of rangefinder photography with great flexibility and state-of-the-art camera technology.

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LEICA M11 “Skeleton”
LEICA M11 Review Overgaard Thorsen

LEICA M11 “Skeleton”

LEICA M11 Review "Overgaard Thorsten"The Leica M11 was introduced January 13, 2022. Here is all what is new on the Leica M11 compared to the Leica M10-R previous Leica M…

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LEICA Logo History
Leica Logo History

LEICA Logo History

LEICA Wetzlar "Logo History"The brand name, Leica, is a derivative of the company founder, Ernst Leitz, surname and the word "camera". However, the name only appeared in the 1910s and…

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Leica Story Early Years

Leica Story Early Years: In 1914 optical engineer Oskar Barnack was working for Ernst Leitz when he designed the very first Leica, the Leitz Camera, or so-called Ur-Leica. The small…

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Leica S3 “The One”

The Leica S-System is a synthesis of impressive imaging quality, the unique visual signature of medium format photography and the versatility of a 35mm camera. With these features, it unites…

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Leica M10 “Review”

Since the release of the Leica M3 at Photokina in 1954, every single M-System camera has represented the pinnacle of innovation for its day. Defined by what is essential for…

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Lenny Kravitz with Leica

Lenny Kravitz with the Leica M Monochrom ‘Drifter’ by Kravitz Design

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Inspiration Leica Akademie

The mission of the Leica Akademie is to share the pleasure of Photography and bring the Leica experience to a New Generation of Photographers.

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Leica M10 R

The Leica M10-R opens up new dimensions of image quality with its high resolution of over 40 megapixels. The image sensor captures even the smallest details, so photographers can dive…

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Leica M10 “The Camera”

This film showing the making-assembly of the Leica M10 inside a camera or lens factory Leica a Wetzlar in Germania to see how each Leica M10 is hand-assembled, it offers…

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